Birth of the Sun Documentary


Here is the page for the short film and video documentaries about New York City Artists by Thomas W. Campbell.

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Bernardo Palombo, Dan Zanes and Sonia De Los Santos rehearse at El Taller for the album Nueva York!

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The Art of Linus Coraggio 

This is a series of films, four at the moment, about the New York City Artist Linus Coraggio. An outsider artist who works in many mediums and at many scales, he was a founder of the Rivington School (of Art ) in the East Village in the early 1980’s and the architect behind the Gas Station, a seminal art installation/community/concept “outstillation” that was ultimately demolished amid a wave of gentrification in 1996. Despite sporadic recognition from the established art community he pushes on, and this talent for survival and creation is revealed in the series of films we have made together – In the Est Village, Studios Bushwick and Ellenviille, 3D Graffiti, and the Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio. All four of the films will screen on my website in the very near future.

Short Films about the
Art of Linus Coraggio

The Motorcycle Art of 

Linus Coraggio

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TRT: 37 Minutes

The Art of Linus Coraggio

3D Graffiti

Cops and Linus still 1.jpg

TRT: 19 Minutes

The Art of Linus Coraggio

In the East Village

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TRT: 29 Minutes

The Art of Linus Coraggio

Studios Bushwick

and Ellenville

Linus design ellin Trimmed.jpg

TRT: 29 Minutes

Birth of the sun Mural recreation.JPG

Birth of the Sun

A short film about the artist

Grady Alexis in the East Village

The film is not available for screening at this time – but more screenings will be arranged in the future.

Birth of the Sun is a 27 minute documentary about Grady Alexis, a little-known artist in the East Village who inspired many, struggled to develop a unique vision, and finally died in a street scuffle with an off-duty policeman. True to the kind of hand-made and found-object paintings and sculpture that Grady created, his story is told through the art and music of people who knew and were influenced by him. Grady lived on the streets for years before becoming the artist in residence at El Taller Latino Americano on East 2nd street. The film also documents the recreation of a signature work by Grady, the mural called Birth of the Sun. 

Thom Corn.jpg

Thom Corn Outake

TRT: 5 Minutes

Birth of the sun Mural recreation.JPG

Birth of Sun Outake 2

TRT: 5 Minutes

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El Taller Collaborations

I lived around the corner from El Taller Latino Americano on the upper westside for many years and was fortunate to participate in a number of collaborations involving music, performance and film. Here is video and music from the years 2006 – 2009.

Here also is the page for clips from the La Grande Jatte Videos project. The film documents, via field recording,interviews and historical footage, the restoration of Eva Cockroft’s beautiful

mural called Homage to Seurat: La Grande Jatte in Harlem.

Short Films about the El Taller Community


The Last Days of La Rosita

December 28, 2006. Closing Night at La Rosita Restaurant on Broadway between 109th and 108th Streets. Performers: Abram Alberto Guillermo Cardenas Ruben Isola Bernardo Palombo TRT: Three Minutes Shot and edited by Thomas W. Campbell

Length: 3:00       2006

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Music of Nueva York – El Taller Recordings

Dan Zanes recorded a number of the songs from his 2008 album Nueva York at El Taller Latino Americano

on the Upper West Side. The short film includes performances by Bernardo Palombo, Guillermo Cárdenas, 

Isidro Chavez, Ruben Isola, Dan Zanes, Colin Brooks, Saskia Lane, Jose Valdes, and many others.

Nueva York Sessions

El Taller Latino Americano

Length: 17:15   2007


Compadre Pedro Juan – Studio Live Session

Rehearsal and recordings for the CD 

¡Nueva York!

Dan Zanes & Friends  (2008)

El Taller Latino Americano

Winter 2007

Compadre Pedro Juan

performed by Dan Zanes & Friends 

Dan Zanes

Joaquin M Del Rosario

Isidro Chavez

Jose Valdes

Guillermo Cárdenas

Saskia Lane

Colin Brooks 

Length:  7:00   2007

Pescador live.jpg

El Pescador Live

El Pescador From the album “Nueva York” Dan Zanes and Friends. 

Featuring Sonia De Los Santos and La Cumbiamaba Eneyé. Performed at the Bronx Botanical Gardens September 14, 2008

Camera by: Emmanuel Alexandre Jr. Thomas W. Campbell Steve Colon Christopher Figueroa Holly Leavy Bernardo Palombo

Directed and Edited by Thomas W. Campbell

Length: 5:30   2008