Here you will find short film and video documentaries about New York City Artists by Thomas W. Campbell. More films will be added in the near future.

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Bernardo Palombo, Dan Zanes and Sonia De Los Santos rehearse at El Taller for the album Nueva York!
I lived around the corner from El Taller Latino Americano on the upper westside for many years and was fortunate to participate in a number of collaborations involving music, performance and film. Here is video and music from the years 2006 – 2009.
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The films of Linus Coraggio can be viewed on the Linus Five Films page. I will include other work that we have done together on this page.

Birth of the Sun

Birth of the Sun is a 27 minute documentary about Grady Alexis, a little-known artist in the East Village who inspired many, struggled to develop a unique vision, and finally died in a street scuffle with an off-duty policeman. True to the kind of hand-made and found-object paintings and sculpture that Grady created, his story is told through the art and music of people who knew and were influenced by him. Grady lived on the streets for years before becoming the artist in residence at El Taller Latino Americano on East 2nd street. The film also documents the recreation of a signature work by Grady, the mural called Birth of the Sun. 

You can watch the entire film by clicking on the image of Thom Corn and Bernardo Palombo with the completed Mural above.

Birth of the sun Mural recreation.JPG