Digital and Film Production by Thomas W. Campbell

1988 to Present

Thomas W. Campbell is a digital storyteller and transplanted Vermonter who moved to New York City as a kid and never left.

June 8, 2022 Update – This site has been moved from the original Wix host and is in the process of being updated. Many of the links and images, including music and video, are still to come.


This page, which will be active soon and can be accessed in the upper right corner of this blog, will have much of the documentary work that I have done since the early 1990’s. This includes a number of artist documentaries, including about Grady Alexis, Thom Corn, the art and artists of El Taller Latino Americano, and especially Linus Coraggio. Linus also has his own page, which includes the five completed films I have made about him.

Birth of the Sun – Excerpt

Birth of the Sun is a 27 Minute Documentary about the East Village of the 1980s and the Haitian Artist Grady Alexis. The film is filled with unique artists and musicians who knew Grady in the 1980’s – Thom Corn, Bernardo and Demian Palombo, Turrizo, Hamlet Zurita, Lori Leistyna, and many others who were part of El Taller Community Center. It was shot by Emmanuel Alexandre Jr, and edited by Hyunjung Cho. Birth of the Sun recently screened as part of a 30th Year anniversary event marking the closing of the Chocolate Milk Art gallery in the East Village.
You can watch an excerpt from Birth of the Sun by clicking on the Youtube video above.

SRL-8818 – Short Trailer

This is a short trailer for the film SRL – 8818, a documentary about two performances 30 years apart by Mark Pauline and Survival Research Laboratory.  Shot and edited by Thomas W. Campbell

You can watch the trailer by clicking on the image above.

Linus Films

This is the page where the five completed films I have made about Linus can be viewed, free of charge. Linus has put his lifetime into this work and I have dedicated over ten years to these completed films, and a number of others still in development.

All I ask if you dear viewer and lover of bold original New York Downtown art is that you let me know of any interesting screening opportunities for these films and of any potential funding possibilities. Everything you see on this page, and this web site, has been self funded and hand made. There are bigger projects I would like to make with Linus but won’t be able to do so without talented collaborators and necessary funding.

Treeguard Linus 2021 Poster.jpg
Images from the new Bench and Treeguard film. You can click on the image to go to the Linus Five Films page.

The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio – Short Trailer 

A film by Thomas W. Campbell about an artist with an obsessive love for Motorcycle Art. Linus Coraggio has created over 90 Motorcycle sculptures of metal and other materials since 1986.

Click on the image above to play the trailer.

The Linus Films page includes information about all five films I have completed about Linus Coraggio and his art.


The music page is where I will put much of the music and songs I have created since the late 1980’s. It is currently active and includes some of the latest work I made in 2020.

Narrative Films

The narrative page is being built and will include short films I have made between 1991 and present, including Giving Maury the Treatment, The Most Beautiful Girl, Rooftop Serenade, Better Love, the animated film Under The City The Blue Bag Dropped and others.

Better Love – Short Trailer

This is a short trailer for the film Better Love, which I wrote and directed in 2015 and created a final film version in 2020.

I love playing vintage guitars and sometimes have a few for sale.