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Narrative Films
The narrative page is being built and will include short films I have made between 1991 and present, including Giving Maury the Treatment, The Perfect Girl, Rooftop Serenade, Better Love, the animated film Under The City The Blue Bag Dropped and others.

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is available for screening at this time.

In the city we travel underground every day to get to work – and to get to many other places. So many people pass each other, with barely a notice. Sometimes our reserve is broken and we manage to connect with others. Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is the animated story of one such encounter.

TRT: 2:59

Written, Produced and Edited by Thomas W. Campbell

Giving Maury the Treatment – Clip

Giving Maury the Treatment was produced in 1989, written and directed by Thomas W. Campbell and shot and produced by J. Henry Fair. We shot on one of Sony’s first professional level Video8 cameras. This is a clip from the opening of the film. The complete video is 30 minutes and will be posted with full credits in the near future.