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The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio

The film is available to watch for a limited time.

The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio is about an artist with an obsessive love for Motorcycle Art. Linus Coraggio has created over 90 Motorcycle sculptures of metal and other materials since 1986. An outsider artist who works in many mediums and at many scales, he was a founder of the Rivington School of Art in the East Village in the early 1980’s and the architect behind the Gas Station, a seminal art installation/community/concept “outstillation” that was ultimately demolished amid a wave of gentrification in 1996. Linus pushes on, and this talent for survival and creation is revealed in the series of choppers he has spent over thirty years creating.  The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio chronicles six months in the life of the artist as he explores the rich and classical tradition of how his Motorcycle Art fits into the dreamscape of American consciousness.

Produced, Shot and Directed by Thomas W. Campbell